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February 26, 2010

Dating a Frenchman: RUN

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The R stands for romantic. That is so quintessentially French after all. But shall we look more closely at the word?

From the Chambers Dictionary: Relating to, or of the nature of inclining towards, or savouring of, romance especially feelings of love or the idea of sentimentalised love; fictitious; extravagant; wild; fantastic…

Well, from my experiences with French men I can agree with extravagant, wild, fantastic or rather ‘fantastique’, which when applied to writing is described in Wikipedia as literature and film that overlaps with science fiction, horror and fantasy. So, I will include the words horror and fantasy as well.

How well I recall my ‘engagement’ ring being flung dramatically over the balcony by my French lover (ehem—boyfriend, would-be husband).

My Anglo-Saxon side kicked in, and my how he hated that side of me: “Je peux pas supporter ton côté anglo-saxon,” every time we simply couldn’t agree and he was behaving like a dingbat— I got rational; and that was Anglo-saxon…more like ‘Girl Power!’ or ‘girl brain’ perhaps?

Quel horreur!” I come home after work and find Frenchman asleep in my flat (saw his dormant head on couch via letterbox) but cannot get in as he has the key– he is supposed to let me in and have cooked dinner – but has drunk too much and out for count. I shout and shout and shout. Eventually am obliged to go to girlfriend for next four hours…

On to the next letter; ‘U’ for unrealistic.

Let’s get married cherie, migrate to Costa-Rica and open a hotel, I can cook while you buy the food (which means getting up early and off to market to select the juicy ingredients for Frenchman to cook when he gets up at midday after consuming excess wine to help entertain guests in dining/ bar area while I keep the practical side of my brain running and deal with the hotel finances.

“I’m a poet too baby…”

“Comment tu est belle quand tu est fâché!”


Finally, we come to ‘N’. N for ‘nostalgia’: nostalgique.

“Cherie, comment tu me manques,” when I have just taken a weekend off to get some air from high intensity romantic boyfriend.

We separate after one fight too many. I encourage him to leave by throwing out his clothes onto landing of my flat (in dramatique français style) and he follows naked to retrieve them. I slam door.

“Cherie! Cherie! Ouvre la porte!”

Chambers Dictionary definition of nostalgia: homesickness; the desire to return to some earlier time in one’s life, or a fond remembrance of that time, usually tinged with sadness at its having passed.
Poignant: stinging, pricking, sharp, acutely painful, penetrating, pungent, piquant, moving, exciting?

Yeah, I guess.

And mix that all up with good food and loads of wine; there and you have your Frenchman.

RUN, like I said.

Je t’embrasse et gros bissous.


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